Coffee Drinking Expands Globally

Coffee drinking habits and the cafe society trend are expanding globally. Starbucks, the world's largest coffee company, has recently announced that it is finalising a deal with India's Tata Coffee to open coffee establishments in India. This is good news for the coffee industry and also the coffee vending industry.

Starbucks, the coffee company based in Seattle, is exploring the possibility of opening retails stores across India. The aim is to firmly establish the idea of coffee drinking as a social pastime. Announced at the International Coffee Festival in Delhi, the increasingly urban and affluent population is embracing western tastes and the cafe society and is now happy to pay much more for a cup of coffee than at traditional restaurants. In India, where tea has long been the drink of choice, and is the world's fifth biggest producer of coffee, this is a significant change in habits. At SnackTime, we believe that this increase in coffee drinking is good news for the coffee industry as a whole. The increase in popularity for cafe style coffee drinking can only prompt the demand for coffee vending machines and specialist hot drinks machines in the future.

India Plan Boosts Coffee Vending

Published on:20/01/2012

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