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Environmental Policy

At SnackTime, we recognise that being a vending company and distributing packaged goods via our logistics systems, our vending services might potentially affect our environment.

We have therefore introduced company policies to manage these activities with a view to reducing the impact and caring for our environment.

SnackTime and its subsidiaries are therefore committed to taking all necessary steps to:

- Adhere to all relevant environmental regulations in all regions in which we operate. This includes complying with legislation on COSHH and WEEE compliance for the disposal of electrical equipment.

- Minimise the consumption of energy in all areas of the business both in offices, warehouses, depots and while distributing in the field

- Reduce and recycle as much waste as possible whether this is packaging, office waste or other

- Work with our suppliers to develop and install only energy efficient vending machines

- Be partnered with suppliers who have a commitment to produce and sell vending machine products which have a reduced environmental impact and enhanced CSR value

- Encourage our suppliers, customers and staff to be environmentally compliant

- Promote and increase recycling activity within all aspects of our business

- We will always attain our AVA (Automatic Vending Association) certification and adhere to all the rules and regulations of our governing body regarding environmental impact.

- We will ensure that all our employees are fully educated and trained to the highest level on the environmental issues that affect them.

- To purchase products and services, given affordable business constraints, we will make choices in line with our environmental  policies and use recycled products wherever possible and consider the impact of carbon emissions.

- We will seek to offer our clients environmentally acceptable options wherever possible and available.

- We will always offer an alternative Fairtrade solution, if required.

- We will commit to and maintain our relationship with all the producers of our Fairtrade range of products.

The SnackTime Vending group's activities are supported by governmental accreditations and certifications including ISO 9001:2000, Organic and Fairtrade certifications across our group companies. We manage and maintain our ISO accreditation on an on-going basis. We are also working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

Key highlights of our environmental commitment include:

- Promoting A++ energy rated vending machines to potential customers

- Developing and supplying our own Fairtrade range of premium coffee Cafe Joe

- Partnering with our coffee partner Kenco who produce Rainforest Alliance coffee from Kenco

- Partnering with Mars confectionery who produce and actively promote Rainforest Alliance confectionery products

- Partnering with Walkers crisps who are actively committed to becoming a more sustainable business and which actively seeks ways to minimise their impact.

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