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Our CSR Policy

SnackTime is a socially engaged business. As part of that we are committed to a programme of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This approach has been part of our philosophy from the start.

The programme has a number of elements:

Donations: We make donations to a number of charities – keeping the balance by supporting projects in our own community, as well as supporting causes on a national and international level. In 2005-6 we made significant donations to organisations as diverse Macmillan Cancer Support, British Heart Foundation, Oxfam, Comic Relief, Hounds for Heroes, Jeans for Genes, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Children In Need, The Tsunami Relief Appeal, Alzheimer’s Research, Children with Leukaemia and many, many others. Our main “company charity” is Children of the Andes.

Staff Contributions:  Staff have also directly contributed on an individual basis to a number of appeals. As well as those listed above, staff have close contacts with the children at the La Rayuela (Hopscotch) Project in Chinchiná (Colombia) and send Christmas parcels and donations each year.

Support for Causes; Children of the Andes:  This charity aims to build a future for street children and child victims of violence in Colombia.  It is a cause particularly close to our hearts, since the majority of the coffee we sell comes from Colombia.  As well as a Christmas donation (we don’t send corporate cards or gifts to our clients or staff), we have committed to a long-term partnership with COTA.  For every case of coffee we sell from our vending machines, 50p is donated to the Hopscotch (La Rayuela) project in Chinchiná.

Donated Equipment: We donate equipment, especially computers and office furniture, to community organisations.  Further, we donate used company mobile phones to ActionAid.

Our People: Managing talent in the Company, personal development and employee engagement are priorities for us.  We have invested in developing and implementing a leadership programme that encourages all staff to develop the depth and range of their skills and also in systems to help us improve the management of our people.  We recognise the importance of involving our staff in the business, helping them to engage with our clients, leading to improved morale and loyalty, customer satisfaction and profitability.  In September 1997 we became the first vending operator to be accredited as Investors In People.  Since then we have continued to hold the standard by undergoing regular rigorous assessments.

Environmental Responsibility: SnackTime is working towards achieving complete Carbon Neutrality. We actively discourage the use of cars by staff. We pay a bonus to staff who cycle to work and where possible have converted mobile operating routes to “Walkers”. Our Team Leaders are being moved over to Hybrid cars and we are actively searching for a solution where all our distribution can be achieved using LPG/electric vehicles. Additionally we have a practical commitment to recycling paper, which has resulted in saving a modest 6 trees in the last year. We recycle within the office avoiding the use of disposable cups and plates and double siding paper and flipcharts where possible. We seek to buy office products from sustainable or environmentally friendly sources.

Ethical Sourcing, Local Economic Development & Fairtrade: Wherever possible we buy fairly and ethically traded products, which we source directly as a group.  We prioritise business links with companies who themselves are committed to ethical sourcing and good practice.  Finally we seek small suppliers wherever possible for services and prioritise small traders when paying our bills.

Access and Diversity: We ensure all our staff understand and are trained in disability awareness. We also do our best to accommodate any needs our customers may have.

Whilst this could make us sound a bit worthy and dull, we think it means we do excellent work and simply match our business practices to our ethics.

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