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Healthier Eating in Vending

At SnackTime, we are aware that any food or drink needs to be consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. A balanced diet and a healthy active lifestyle are really important, especially for our vending customers who may lead a less active working life in an office environment.? Modern conveniences have lowered the daily calorie amounts needed while the technological revolution encourages a more sedentary lifestyle.

Chocolate, snacks and drinks all have a role to play as part of a balanced diet and healthy active lifestyle. An active lifestyle is all about balancing 'energy in' with 'energy out'. As a vending machine company supplying chocolate, crisps, snacks and drinks, we have a role to play in creating a healthier environment and promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

At SnackTime, we work in close partnership with all our vending partners to achieve government targets on time which are related to the food and drink products in our vending machines. These include:

- Removing six controversial colours from food and drink products which were linked to adverse behavioural effects in children.

- Supporting the government's anti-obesity campaign and supporting activities under the 'Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives' scheme and the 'Change For Life' campaign.

- Supporting the government's 'Healthy Schools' programme to improve health and nutrition in school children

- Supporting the Department of Health and the Food Standard's Agency (FSA) to achieve the Aims of the Healthy Food Code. This covers a range of food and snack related issues such as portion size, reducing saturated fat content and sugar levels, promoting products low in fat and sugar, and increasing the availability of smaller portion sizes.

In order to support healthier eating, the information below provides guidelines about the products vended in our machines.

Snacks & Crisps


Cold Drinks

Hot Drinks

Food Intolerances

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