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At SnackTime, we are partnered with Mars UK to provide a high quality range of confectionery products in our vending machines. Chocolate, enjoyed as part of a healthy, active lifestyle with a balanced diet, can bring pleasure and enjoyment.

We are committed to offering our vending machine customers quality products whilst at the same time promoting health and wellbeing.

Key activities by Mars and SnackTime to support a healthy balanced diet whilst being able to enjoy confectionery are:

1. 'Raising the Bar' Campaign - this consumer campaign includes:

  • Offering product choices for different needs - in terms of taste, format and portion sizes
  • Offering enjoyable products of high quality
  • Providing clear nutritional information Promoting responsible consumption
  • Endorsing healthy active lifestyles
  • Addressing social and environmental concerns

2. Providing Clear Labelling and GDA's (Guideline Daily Amounts) On All Products.

3. Removing Artificial Additives Without Compromising Quality.

4. Reducing TFA's (Trans Fatty Acids) - Saturated Fats.

  • Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Topic and Flyte now all contain at least 15% less saturated fat per bar compared with previous recipes.
  • The new Mars bar will contain less saturated fat per bar than any other product in the Top 10 UK confectionery singles.  (Source: IRI OCT 2009)

5. Salt Reduction Without Compromising Taste.

6. Promoting Sensible Snacking. Snacks and confectionery from our vending machines are intended to be eaten as an occasional treat and to provide an energy boost when required. We encourage our vending customers to see snacks in the context of their overall diet, and not as a replacement for meals.

For further general nutritional advice, including individual product ingredients and nutritional information about the specific chocolate and confectionery products we stock in our vending machines visit:

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