Environmental Focus within the SnackTime Group

SnackTime’s in-cup hot drinks manufacturer Drinkmaster continue to focus on the environment with their new cardboard shredder.  Since October last year Drinkmaster have saved 2.5km of bubble wrap!

Drinkmaster are now able to shred the cardboard packaging that they receive from suppliers and re-use it as packaging to protect the drinks they send out in transit.  This means thousands of businesses now receive their drinks cushioned with shredded cardboard instead of bubble wrap. The shredding process is highly suitable as it produces a concertina of cardboard in a whole piece rather than shred the board into a thousand pieces.  This corrugated sheet of cardboard is flexible and doesn't break apart so it can be used for customer deliveries that create partial boxes where there is a need to fill a void.

Due to this saving in waste, Drinkmaster have been able to dramatically reduce the number of recycling collections from a lorry every day to just twice a week.

The shredder is not the first thing Drinkmaster have introduced to reduce their cardboard waste. They start by buying as little card as possible and have changed their box formats to streamline sizes and carry fewer lines.

Their suppliers are challenged with providing best performance with minimal material, so Drinkmaster re-use their own boxes as often as possible. When the boxes have been re-used to the point that they need replacing, they are shredded.  Drinkmaster’s stock is held in wire cages rather than boxes, so again, card waste is minimised.




Published on:05/04/2012

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