Favourite Vending Machine Chocolate Goes Fairtrade

SnackTime's vending partner Mars UK has just announced that one of our most popular vended products in our snack vending machines will be 100% Fairtrade. Maltesers will be Mars's first Fairtrade product and being the UK's 3rd most popular chocolate in vending and retail overall, will boost total Fairtrade sales in the UK by 10%.

The agreement between our vending machine partner Mars, and Fairtrade International, will mean that Maltesers chocolate will be the first confectionery item from Mars to be Fairtrade followed by other chocolate and confectionery lines in the next few years. The Maltesers Fairtrade chocolate will appear in our confectionery vending machines from 2012 as soon as production begins at Mars. Overall, the switch of Maltesers chocolate is expected to contribute $1 million US dollars to Fairtrade funds for cocoa farmers and their communities to develop and invest in their farms, business organisations, communities and infrastructure.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager at the vending company SnackTime explained, 'We are delighted that our vending partner Mars has committed to making one of our most popular vended product lines in our snack vending machines as completely Fairtrade. At SnackTime, as a major vending machine company in the UK,  we are highly committed to promoting and vending products that are ethical and we wholly support the Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance associations. Mars are also committing to source all their cocoa from certified sources by 2020 which is great news too. Fairtrade International empowers farmers to drive change to achieve true sustainability by investing in warehousing, sustainable cultivation and processing facilities, community infrastructure and also in the ongoing education and training of both children and adults. Maltesers is very popular product in our vending machines particularly in offices and workplaces for vending customers who enjoy a lighter type of chocolate.

Facts About Maltesers:

1. Maltesers are still manufactured in the same chocolate factory in Slough as they were 70 years ago.

2. In 2007, over 10 billion Maltesters balls were manufactuered.

3. Maltesers are one of the UK's Top 5 chocolate brands.

4. They float in water!

Published on:30/09/2011

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