London to Sydney with SnackTime Vending Machines

As the UK's largest snack vending operator, guess how many bars of chocolate we sell a year? Last year, the Mars and Twix bars we sold put end to end would stretch from London to Sydney! And that's not including any of the other UK's top 10 confectionery items we sell such as Snickers, M&M's, Minstrels, Galaxy, Bounty and Starburst.

Last year, SnackTime sold over 1 million Twix bars. Together with the Mars bars we sold, these would stretch from London to Sydney. Add the ever popular Snickers that we sold, and you would get to Sydney and back again!

At SnackTime we are delighted to continually be striving to offer our customers the most popular of the UK's favourite confectionery brands. We also like to think that we always have the stock available to ensure that your machine never runs empty. We only feature Mars confectionery to enable our customers to enjoy all the top 10 confectionery brands - so not only Mars, Snickers and Twix, but also Galaxy, Bounty, M&M's, Minstrels, Starburst, Revels and many more. And don't forget, we also feature Walkers crisps, Britvic and Pepsi chilled drinks, and Lavazza coffee - all premium brands to offer you the highest quality products.

Published on:20/10/2010

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