Our commitment to the environment

If you’ve ever wondered about the environmental credentials of the products you buy from a vending machine, you can relax if you’re using a SnackTime vending machine. As well as being the UK’s number one snack vending machine operator, SnackTime is also leading the way in the vending industry with their ethical stance. Care for the environment is one of the reasons that we exclusively offer Mars snack and confectionary brands in our vending machines. Mars are dedicated to preserving and improving the environment, and have confirmed this by becoming the first global chocolate company to commit to certifying their entire global cocoa supply by 2020 as sustainably sourced.

Green Galaxy is helping the planet

Mars’ move towards total sustainability has begun this year with their Galaxy brand sourcing beans only from Rain Forest Alliance Certified farms. This helps thousands of farmers around the world to gain the tools and techniques necessary to protect the wildlife, the environment, and the rights and welfare of their workers. This is not a sudden development. The Rainforest Alliance and Mars have been sharing ideas and expertise since The First International Workshop on Sustainable Cocoa Farming, in 1998.

Drench is the first British water brand to use UK- sourced recycled plastic

Another of our product partners, Britvic, now uses UK-sourced fully recycled plastic for their Drench bottles. This reduces the need for new plastic production and less energy is also used in the manufacturing process, reducing each Drench bottle’s carbon footprint by approximately 6 %.

Lavazza is also a socially responsible company

SnackTime’s drinks partner, Lavazza (Italy’s leading coffee brand) is also associated with the Rainforest Alliance and has a number of environmental initiatives in place. In its constant commitment to product quality, Lavazza engages in activities aimed at improving living conditions and social and production facilities in areas such as Africa and Central and South America, where coffee production plays a decisive role in the national economy.

SnackTime takes the environment very seriously

We ourselves are doing all possible to become increasingly eco-friendly, with a variety of recycling and sustainability initiatives taking place throughout all areas of our business. These include increasing the efficiency of our operations, optimising the environmental performance of our vending machines and vehicle fleet, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the health and wellbeing of our employees.

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Published on:16/06/2010

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