Our Festive Coffee Recipe

To enjoy your coffee vending machine this Christmas, why not try our festive coffee recipe suggestion? Try a Snowflake Peppermint Latte! Vend a latte coffee from your vending machine from SnackTime and add half an ounce of vanilla syrup and half an ounce of peppermint syrup. For best results, your latte should be a bean to cup latte for ultimate freshness and premium taste.

Don't forget that latte coffees are available from the majority of the vending machines that SnackTime offer. Both our floor standing coffee vending machines and our table top coffee machines vend speciality coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and mochas as well as hot chocolate and white coffees. As we can offer a wide selection of vending machines, why not ask us about an up to date vending machine from your favourite vending machine company! Ask about the new Voce floor standing hot drinks machine which vends an array of speciality hot drinks.


Published on:02/12/2011

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