Ribena and Lucozade Added To Chilled Drinks Vending Range

SnackTime Vending is adding new chilled bottled drink products to its vending range. Bottles of Ribena and Lucozade varieties will be available in selected chilled drink vending machines from now on. The newly added GSK drinks will add diversity to the wide range of cans and bottles currently available.

Products vended will include Ribena, Ribena LightLucozade and Lucozade Sport. Each of these will be available in an assortment of flavours in 500ml bottles. 

Ribena flavours will include Ribena Original and also Ribena Raspberry and Cranberry. Ribena Light will also be available in our vending machines which is the low-calorie version of Ribena with no added sugar. Also added to the vended product range is Lucozade, the leading sports energy drink. Vended products available include Lucozade Original, Lucozade Orange, Lucozade Wild Berry, Lucozade Sport Original, Lucozade Sport Orange and Lucozade Sport Lemon.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager at SnackTime commented, 'We are delighted to now include Ribena and Lucozade in our vending machines. These are both extremely popular drinks. Ribena is a great alternative to water or fizzy drinks and is ideal for the office environment. Lucozade will be particularly popular in our leisure centre sites for our vending machine customers wanting a healthy sports boost. Both drinks are available in handy 500 ml size bottles for easy, spill-free consumption.'


Published on:02/08/2011

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