SnackTime Supports Coffee Growing Communities

As part of our commitment to ensure that our coffee vending services contribute to improving the standards in coffee growing communities, SnackTime supports the charity Children of the Andes. The Café Joe Fairtrade coffee sold through our coffee vending machines directly supports a coffee growing community in Colombia.

The project that SnackTime supports is the La Rayuela project in the town of ChinChiná in the coffee region of Colombia. The project is supported by a coffee-buying consortium of SnackTime and two other coffee vending companies in the UK. Our project provides training, education and support to children of all ages to ensure they are equipped to find legal, gainful employment in adulthood. The vocational training that is offered is based around carpentry and bakery, but the programme also focuses on literacy and numeracy for younger children. For older children, the programme now also offers courses in accountancy, food hygiene, and business skills.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager at SnackTime, explained, ‘We are keen to ensure that the coffee sold in our hot drinks vending machines supports the coffee growing communities in the fairest, most ethical way possible. Our Café Joe brand is a high quality, premium brand coffee and this means that we are extremely conscious that our quality coffee products aid and support quality community projects. At the same time, we want to ensure all the proceeds go directly to those who benefit. By being involved directly with the Children in the Andes’s community programme, we know that the coffee we buy helps children in ChinChiná in Colombia to develop skills for life. They are educated and trained to ensure they can be self-reliant adults with sustainable livelihoods.’

Emily Fyson from Children in the Andes added, ‘without the generous support of SnackTime, we would not be able to continue this important work helping some of the most vulnerable children in Colombia.’

Published on:19/07/2011

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