SnackTime Supports Pepsi Recycling Commitment

SnackTime is actively encouraging its chilled drink vending consumers to become more environmentally friendly. With Pepsi cans and bottles available in SnackTime drinks machine, the Bottle Promise project from PepsiCo promotes recycling.

The Pepsi campaign functions via Facebook and rewards vending can and bottle consumers if they commit to recycle their can or bottle. Prizes are available to encourage consumers to commit to recycling.

Marketing Manager at SnackTime Vending, Helen Taylor, stated: "SnackTime actively encourages our vending machine customers to always recycle their vending packaging where possible. The Bottle Promise by Pepsi is supported by SnackTime as a way of driving awareness of recycling in real life - whether it is a purchase of a drink from a vending machine at work or whether it is packaging from your home rubbish."

Published on:11/01/2011

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