Vending Company Supports Homeless Charity

Vending company SnackTime has been supporting local charities by providing 'best by date' product to help feed the homeless - product which cannot be sold in our vending machines. SnackTime, which provides snack vending machines and coffee vending machine services across the UK, actively supports a range of local and national charities.

Our local depot in Corby, part of the VMI vending company of SnackTime plc, provides food and drinks to the Northampton Hope Centre. The centre provides food for the homeless of Northampton. SnackTime has been supplying the centre since January and the charity collect the product from our depot. The product, which can no longer be sold in our vending machines, would otherwise have been written off and disposed off in our normal waste rubbish collections.

In addition, our vending machine showroom which houses an array of snack vending machines, hot drinks machines, tabletop coffee machines, and can and bottle vending machines sell 'Best By' product at reduced prices for staff. Since January, we have raised £62.60 which will be donated to MacMillan Trust, our chosen charity.

Published on:30/05/2012

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