Vending Partner Distributes ‘Green’ Crisps!

SnackTime’s vending partner PepsiCo have added two 'green' diesel/electric trucks to its Walkers crisp fleet. Distributing crisps, some of which will be destined for SnackTime snack vending machines, the new hybrid trucks will reduce CO2 emissions.

The Crisp Fleet Manager from Walkers Crisps explained that the trucks will reduce CO2 by up to 20% compared to standard diesel-only trucks.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager of SnackTime commented, ‘We are delighted that one of our key vending machine product suppliers is continuing to go even greener and reduce their environmental footprint. At SnackTime we encourage all areas of our business, including our drink, snack and confectionery partners, to continually look at different ways to make an environmental difference.’

The new Walkers trucks have an operating system that allows the engine to switch off when standing still, thus reducing emissions and making them the ideal vehicle for multiple snack and crisp deliveries in urban areas.

Published on:07/09/2011

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