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Floor Standing Machines

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  • Snakky

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    The Snakky provides a variety of chilled snack and confectionery products using the latest vending technology. Vending Mars chocolate and Walkers crisps, this snack vending machine has a compact footprint for space-saving vending.

  • Shopper 2

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    A fresh-food rotating vending machine ideal for sites which would like to offer chilled meals rather than snacks. The 9 shelves with adjustable compartment sizes fit all types of product from pies, pasties, drinks, plates to sandwiches. This machine is only available as a customer self-fill option.

  • Palma H87

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    Highly versatile machine for snacks, with or without cans. Ideal for high volume locations with robust casing and I-Detect technology to guarantee product vent. Highly energy efficient with A+ rating.

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